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Mobile air compressor for sandblasting – delivery and training

Mobile air compressor for sandblasting with an integrated cooler and separator

The Rotair MDVN 53 K mobile air compressor with a capacity of 5.2 m3 at 7 bar, thanks to a built-in compressed air cooler and cyclone separator, is an ideal solution for sandblasting and powering dry ice cleaning machines.

It is a compact and versatile tool that ensures the highest quality of class II compressed air, so there is no need to use additional filters and separators for sand blasting machines or dry ice cleaning machines.

The client had a mobile STG sandblaster, which, using nozzles with a diameter of Φ 7mm, 8mm and 9mm, is a proven and trustworthy combination of this sandblaster with the MDVN 53K compressor.

Why choose a Rotair screw compressor for sandblasting?

Rotair products are renowned for their durability and reliability, meaning the MDVN 53 K can offer a long service life even under heavy use. They are characterized by many benefits compared to the competition, including:

  1. Integrated compressed air cooler with separator: Thanks to the integrated compressed air aftercooler and water separator.
    There is no need to connect or move anything.
  2. Compressed air purity: The standard equipment of the compressors offers Class II compressed air, acc. ISO 8573-1:2010.
    This allows the use of sandblasters or cleaning machines without the use of additional filters.
  3. Reduced operating costs: The most competitive pricing policy for consumable parts.
    High-quality screw-in filters used as standard also reduce service costs.
  4. Ease of use: Rotair compressors from the MDVN series are equipped with a START/STOP system.
    After turning on, with one click, the compressor automatically goes through the entire start-up procedure and is prepared for operation.

Main features of the MDVN 53 K compressor

  • Sustainable performance: Thanks to the use of proprietary technologies, the portable compressor achieves impressive air flow compared to its size.
  • Integrated compressed air treatment system: more compact and therefore no need to assemble and disassemble after each use.
  • Mobility: The MDVN 53 K compressor is designed for portability and ease of transport to various job sites. The described model is equipped with a simple drawbar with an eye coupling.
  • Warranty: Durable construction and solid components guarantee a long service life of the device with a 2-year warranty for the combustion engine and screw set.


During delivery, our goal is to ensure that participants acquire not only the theoretical knowledge, but also the practical skills necessary to operate the compressor safely and effectively. It is worth taking care of interaction with participants, making sure that everyone understands and masters the necessary knowledge and skills.

What was the training like on how to use the Rotair compressor?

  1. Theoretical preparation:
    We prepare a theoretical presentation that contains basic information about the operation of the compressor, its components and applications. It is important that participants have some prior knowledge.
  2. Machine presentation:
    Then we present the compressor itself, discussing its main elements, functions and operating parameters. This is a great opportunity for participants to see the equipment with their own eyes.
  3. Practical demonstration:
    Now we do a hands-on demonstration, showing you how to start and stop the compressor. Participants should pay attention to safety procedures and correct operation.
  4. Practical exercises:
    After the presentation, we give participants the opportunity to practice working with the device. We introduce them to various aspects of operation, such as pressure control, adjustments and emergency procedures.
  5. Safety and emergency procedures:
    We spend a lot of time discussing safety rules when working with the device. We explain what safety procedures must be respected and how to react in the event of a failure.


What distinguishes the described MDVN 53 K model is the fact that it is equipped with an integrated compressed air cooler and a cyclone separator. This innovative feature makes it a complete solution for sandblasting and powering dry ice blasting machines.

This is a solution that not only brings great value to the customer, but also guarantees lower operating costs while maintaining quick technical support.

Our advisors will help you choose the right combustion compressor,
that will meet the needs of every customer for every task.

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