Screw compressors

ELGi and ROTAIR are leading air compressor manufacturers, offering a wide range of screw compressors, including electric and diesel screw compressors, as well as diesel and electric screw compressors.

Air compressors for professional use

ELGi and ROTAIR rotary air compressors feature high performance and durability, making them ideal for a variety of industrial applications such as:

    • pneumatic powered tools,
    • PUR foam insulation,
    • drilling and soil displacement hammers,
    • sandblasting and dry ice cleaning and many others,

Rotair screw compressor

ROTAIR diesel screw compressors are the perfect solution for customers who need a mobile source of compressed air.

Thanks to the use of internal combustion engines, these compressors are able to operate in areas where mains power is not available, making them ideal for outdoor construction and industrial applications.

Reliability and stability

ELGi air compressors offer exceptional performance and reliability, making them ideal for customers who need a constant and uninterrupted source of compressed air.

ELGi electric rotary air compressors

Electric models are capable of delivering clean, dry air at high pressure, making them ideal for applications such as pneumatics, food and pharmaceuticals.

Oil-free or oil-based compressor

ELGi and ROTAIR air compressors are also available in oil and oil-free versions, making them even more versatile and suited to the needs of different industries.

Undoubtedly, choosing an air compressor from the ELGi or ROTAIR range will be a decision that will help improve productivity and quality of work in many industries.

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