Reel Stands

Take advantage of our reel stands with lifting capacities of up to 90 tons for unwinding cables and wires. Our cable racks are specially designed to lift drums, steel and wooden spools, as well as to brake the spool during cable tensioning.

Hydraulic reel stands

Our cable racks are fully hydraulic, powered by a hydraulic motor connected to a machine or hydraulic power unit. Supplied in pairs with disc brake, axle and cross-braces, manufactured in galvanized and painted versions.

We adjust the axle diameters of cable racks to customer requirements.

Our offer also includes accessories for cable racks, such as:

  • cradle for drums,
  • invasions for galvanized drums,
  • hydraulic drives.

Optionally, we can also equip the rack with an axle mounted on ball bearings for easier rotation of the drum.

We can assure you of the high quality of our products and expert advice in selecting cable racks that will meet the requirements of our customers.

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