Dyneema rope

Pulling rope made of Dyneema fiber are a proven solution that has been widely used in various areas, including pulling steel ropes, wires and cables.

Dyneema rope

Dyneema is an advanced material with unique properties that offers many advantages over traditional ropes made of other materials such as steel or nylon. Here is some important information about this:

  1. Incredible tensile strength: Dyneema ropes have extremely high tensile strength, making them ideal for tasks requiring pulling heavy loads such as steel lines, wires and cables. This helps minimize the risk of damage and failure during retraction.
  2. Low weight: Dyneema is one of the lightest, high-strength materials available on the market. Thanks to this, Dyneema ropes are much lighter than their steel counterparts, which facilitates transport and handling.
  3. Corrosion resistance: Unlike steel, Dyneema does not rust or corrode, making these ropes suitable for use in harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow or salt.< /li>
  4. High abrasion resistance: The ropes are resistant to abrasion and wear, which allows for long-term use without loss of strength.
  5. Low stretch: Dyneema has low stretch, which means it does not stretch when loaded the way some other materials do. This allows for precise and controlled pulling of ropes and cables.
  6. Durability: Dyneema are resistant to UV rays and chemicals, which contributes to their long-term use.
  7. Safety: Due to their strength and low stretch, Dyneema ropes help minimize the risk of accidents and injuries when pulling steel ropes or cables.

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