Oil for machines

Oil for hydraulic machines, oils for engines and for screw compressors are key elements in the lubrication and protection of various types of mechanical equipment.

Oil for hydraulic and engine powered machines

Each of these oil categories has been developed to ensure optimal performance, efficiency and durability of the respective systems.

Hydraulic oil

Their main function is to ensure proper lubrication, sealing and cooling of components in hydraulic systems.

The hydraulic oil in our offer offers high thermal stability, resistance to oxidation and anti-corrosion properties.

Engine oil

Motor oils are used in internal combustion engines, both in cars and trucks, motorcycles, boats and other vehicles.

They provide factory guidelines for lubrication, cooling and wear protection of engine components. Engine oils must demonstrate high thermal stability, the ability to maintain adequate oil pressure and excellent lubricating properties.

Screw compressor oil

Compressor oils for combustion machines are specially developed for compressors used in internal combustion engines, such as air compressors or compressors in cooling systems.

Their main task is to provide lubrication, cooling and wear protection of the compressor components. Compressor oils must have good thermal stability, oxidation resistance and anti-corrosion properties.

All of these oil categories are critical to maintaining the performance, reliability and durability of a variety of mechanical equipment. It is important to use the correct oil for the application, as recommended by the manufacturer, to ensure optimum performance and minimize the risk of damage.

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