Steel rope

Steel rope is one of the most commonly used materials for pulling and pulling wires in overhead and underground lines.

They are extremely durable and resistant to various weather conditions, which makes them ideal for use in harsh conditions.

Steel ropes for cable and overhead lines

Depending on the requirements, steel ropes of various diameters, lengths and breaking strengths are available.

The steel rope is made of high-quality steel, which is highly resistant to corrosion and wear.

In the case of wire ropes for pulling and pulling wires, it is also important to provide the right pulling technology and accessories, such as blocks and drums, that allow easy and safe winding of the rope and wires.

Comprehensive offer

We offer additional products, such as cable winding drums, which facilitate the work of ropes and increase safety during their use with pulling and pulling wires to overhead and underground lines.

In combination with the appropriate accessories, such as mounting blocks, transport rollers and cable reels, they allow you to safely and efficiently perform cable pulling and pulling tasks.

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