Lighting tower with generator

Thanks to the use of high-quality diesel engines combined with effective alternators, the lighting tower with a generator provides a long-lasting and stable source of lighting in the most demanding conditions.

Lighting tower with power generator

Lighting masts are ideal for use in construction, industry, mass events and all places where strong and uninterrupted lighting is required.

Characteristic features:

  • Reliability and efficiency of diesel combustion engines.
  • High power and durability thanks to the use of an alternator.
  • Independence from external power sources.
  • Resistance to difficult weather and operational conditions.
  • Possibility of long-term operation without the need for frequent refueling.

In this category, we focus on products intended for professionals looking for proven and reliable lighting solutions.

Masts with construction site approval

The lighting mast with approval for flammable places is a specially designed and manufactured device that meets stringent safety standards required for work in environments with an increased risk of explosion.

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