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Trenchless technology

Professional machines for trenchless technology

Trenchless engineering is an innovative approach to constructing, repairing and upgrading underground infrastructure without the need for traditional excavation.

A variety of specialized machinery and tools are used to allow underground work to be carried out without damaging existing infrastructure or minimizing disruption to road and urban traffic.

Most searched products

Air compressors

Rotair screw compressors for mole jacking machines and blowing machines.

These advanced machines provide high-capacity compressed air that is essential to many trenchless processes.
Rotair combustion compressors not only provide reliable air supply, but are also energy efficient and easy to maintain.

Jacking moles

Accurate, reputable mole machines TERMA MAX.

These specialized machines allow you to move underground, creating tunnels and corridors without digging.
TERMA MAX jacking moles are equipped with advanced mechanisms that enable precise and effective jacking under roads, rivers or other obstacles.

Cable and pipe winches

European leader among hydraulic machines for pulling ropes, pipes and cables.

These high-quality machines enable precise pulling and positioning of cables, pipes and other underground elements.
OMAC Italy winches are known for their reliability, durability and safety, making them a popular choice in the industry.

Cable rollers

Professional cable rollers for pulling and guiding cables.

They are designed in such a way as to ensure smooth cable flow and minimize friction during retraction.
Cable rollers enable precise and controlled cable routing, which is important when installing new cable lines in trenchless technology.

Pipe grippers

Excellent pipe grippers of Polish production.

Pipe grippers are extremely useful when building or upgrading pipe networks without the need to dig large trenches.

Cable lubricants

Competitive CARIMA lubricants for cables and wires

They are used to reduce friction between components when jacking or pulling cables and pipes.
Thanks to them, it is possible to smoothly move elements underground, minimizing the risk of damage and facilitating installation processes.

Cable sheaths

Cable sheaths manufactured by OMAC ITALY are another necessary accessories used in trenchless engineering.

Cable sheaths help minimize tension and pressure on the cable, preventing cable damage and maintaining stability when moving underground.

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