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Platform for catenary instalation 10kN with control panel

Technical data

Max pull: 10 kN
Max speed: 5 km/h
Tail-stock reel-stand: 1 x 4000 kg

Product sheet

OMAC Italy platform with a unit for catenary instalation with 5kN wire tension is an extremely useful tool that greatly facilitates the process of hanging out the catenary.

Our system on the platform ensures automatic hanging of the catenary with a maximum force of 5kN, which enables precise setting of the correct tension. This is very important for catenary as incorrect tension can lead to breakdowns or other dangerous situations.

Our platform for catenary instalation is constructed in such a way that it consists of a cable stand with a drum and a drive without power supply together with a control panel

Additional reel stand options

404 Cylindrical Drum Hole Centering Bushings And Spacer Bushing For Customer Specific Diameter
439.1 Rotation of the reel stand: mechanical device for rotating the stand horizontally ±45° with mechanical 3 stops every 15°

439.2 Reel stand rotation: hydraulic device operated by hand pump for rotating the stand (±45°) with mechanical stops at 3 (15° intervals) positions.

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Weight 2200 kg
Dimensions 330 × 200 × 250 cm


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