Installation of the traction network

The installation of the traction network is a key stage in the creation of a modern railway infrastructure. In this task, OMAC Italy machines are irreplaceable, which enable precise and effective hanging of the catenary.

OMAC Italy is a leader in the supply of high-quality machinery for catenary assembly. Their advanced technologies and innovative solutions ensure reliability, efficiency and precision during the process of hanging traction wires.

Thanks to OMAC Italy machines, the assembly of railway traction becomes more precise and efficient. Equipped with advanced stabilization systems, these machines ensure that the traction conductors are firmly held in the right position. This eliminates the risk of the network shifting or deforming, which translates into the safety and reliability of the entire traction system.

Another advantage of OMAC Italy machines is the ability to precisely adjust the height of the catenary suspension. Thanks to this, the installation can be adapted to specific terrain and technical conditions, which ensures optimal operation of the traction network.

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