Catenary wiring

Catenary wiring is a system of electric wires that supplies electricity to rail vehicles such as trains, trams and subways. It consists of traction wires that are suspended above the tracks and electrically powered, enabling the propulsion and power of vehicles on the route.

OMAC Italy overhead traction suspension and tensioning machines are of key use in the construction, modernization and maintenance of overhead lines. They offer precise and effective solutions to ensure the stability, reliability and efficiency of the entire system.

Catenary wiring hanging machines are used to precisely hang overhead lines in a specific position above the tracks. Thanks to advanced positioning systems and stabilizing mechanisms, OMAC Italy machines allow the cables to be hung precisely, eliminating the risk of displacement or deformation of the network. This is crucial for ensuring the safety, traffic flow and reliability of the entire traction network.

Catenary tensioning machines, on the other hand, are used to control the tension of the catenary wires. They provide the optimum voltage that is necessary for the proper flow of energy to the rail vehicles. Precise tensioning mechanisms in OMAC Italy machines maintain proper tension and prevent excessive strain or loosening of the cables.

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