Catenary wiring system

A Catenary wiring system is an electrical infrastructure used in rail transport to supply electricity to rail vehicles such as electric trains. It consists of traction wires that are suspended above the tracks and connected to a power source.

OMAC Italy overhead traction suspension and tensioning machines are key applications in the construction, modernization and maintenance of overhead lines. Here are the main applications of these machines:

  • Hanging overhead lines: OMAC Italy machines allow the precise suspension of overhead lines at a defined position over the tracks. Thanks to advanced positioning and stabilization systems, the machines ensure accurate and safe hanging of wires, eliminating the risk of shifting or deforming the network.
  • Catenary tensioning: OMAC Italy machines make it possible to control the tension of the traction lines. By precisely regulating the tension of traction wires, the machines ensure the stability and reliability of the network. Appropriate cable tension is crucial for the effective transmission of electricity to rail vehicles.
  • Overhead line maintenance: OMAC Italy machines also offer maintenance functions, allowing regular testing, cleaning and maintenance of overhead lines. Thanks to this, it is possible to maintain the high quality of traction networks, minimizing the risk of failure and ensuring efficient operation of the traction system.

The use of OMAC Italy machine system in the hanging and tensioning of catenary wiring brings numerous benefits, such as precision, efficiency and safety. Thanks to their advanced technologies and innovative solutions, the process of building and maintaining traction lines becomes more effective and reliable, contributing to the efficient and safe operation of the rail transport system.

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