Catenary installation

Catenary installation is an extremely important process in the modernization and maintenance of railway infrastructure. In this task, OMAC Italy machines play a key role, enabling precise and efficient hanging of the railway traction network.

OMAC Italy machines are specifically designed and equipped to meet the demands of this complex task. Their advanced technologies allow for precise positioning and suspension of traction wires, ensuring high quality and reliability of installation.

During the process of Catenary installation, OMAC Italy machines ensure stability and precise control of the position of the wires. Thanks to the use of innovative stabilization systems, the machines keep the wires in the right position, eliminating the possibility of their displacement or deformation.

In addition, OMAC Italy machines are equipped with mechanisms that allow easy and precise adjustment of the hanging height of the railway traction network. This is extremely important, because the level of display has a direct impact on the efficiency and security of network operation.

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