Railway traction

The railway traction is an extremely important element of the railway infrastructure, which enables the safe and efficient movement of trains. However, the maintenance and modernization of the railway traction network requires advanced machinery and tools. In this context, OMAC Italy plays an important role by supplying high-quality machines for the installation of railway traction networks.

OMAC Italy is a renowned manufacturer specializing in providing solutions for the railway sector. The company offers a wide range of machines that enable the installation, modernization and maintenance of the railway system network at the highest level. Their products are known for their reliability, precision and innovation.

OMAC Italy machines are perfectly adapted to a wide variety of catenary wiring tasks. They can be used to assemble traction wires, lay power supply systems, repair damaged network elements and other works related to the maintenance and modernization of railway infrastructure.

What distinguishes OMAC Italy machines are advanced technologies that ensure precision and efficiency in performing work. They are equipped with positioning systems that enable precise positioning of the catenary elements. In addition, these machines are easy to operate, reducing the time needed to get the job done and increasing productivity.

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