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Tail-stock reel stand for catenary wiring system

The platform for hanging the catenary consists of:


Platform is designed at the customer’s request.


Tail-stock reel stand for catenary wiring system

System from OMAC Italy is a leading solution in the railway industry that enables easy and safe hanging of catenary along railway tracks.
The platform for hanging the catenary wiring system consists of several key elements, such as:

Portal Mast

The hydraulic boom is one of the most important components of the platform. It is one of the most important parts of the entire structure, which allows you to lift and position the cables in accordance with the design assumptions.

The mast is made of steel, which ensures its strength and durability.

Cable stand with drum and drive

Another important element of the system is the hydraulically powered drum stand. It is used to store and rewind traction cables, which allows for their safe and precise stringing. The stand is equipped with a hydraulic motor that allows you to control the speed of stringing, coiling or hanging wires and wires, which increases the precision and accuracy of the entire process.

Control panel

The panel is located on the basic platform and allows you to set the speed and tension force of hanging wires or wires.
Controlling the machines and controlling the entire process is visible in the control panel.

The control panel is easy to use and available in various configurations, which allows it to be adapted to the individual needs of the user.

Basic platform

The basic platform is the basis of the entire system, which enables safe and stable positioning of the entire structure along the tracks.
It is made of steel. The platform has quick couplers and handles that allow you to easily move and set up the entire system on a two-way car or train.

Thanks to the use of the OMAC Italy Catenary Hanging Platform, it is possible to easily and precisely stretch the catenary along the railway tracks. This system is not only convenient to use, but also safe for users, which are key factors in the railway industry.

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