Traction lines

Traction lines are an indispensable element of railway infrastructure, enabling the transmission of electricity to rail vehicles. The process of hanging and tensioning traction networks is crucial to ensure reliable and effective operation of the railway traction system. In this field, OMAC Italy machines play an important role in allowing these operations to be carried out precisely and efficiently.

OMAC Italy is a respected manufacturer of advanced machinery used in the assembly and maintenance of catenary systems. Their catenary hanging and tensioning machines are perfectly designed to ensure high quality and reliability during these critical operations.

OMAC Italy machines enable precise hanging of catenaries. Equipped with advanced technologies, these machines ensure stability and accurate positioning of the traction conductors. Thanks to this, it is possible to suspend the network effectively and precisely, minimizing the risk of wire displacement or deformation.

Tensioning of catenaries is another key stage that is necessary to ensure optimal operation of the railway traction system. In addition, traction lines installed with OMAC Italy machines enable controlled and precise tensioning of traction wires. Their innovative solutions allow you to regulate the network voltage in a way that is tailored to specific requirements and conditions.

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