Construction of catenary wiring

The Construction of catenary wiring is an inseparable element of building a modern railway infrastructure. In the design and construction of railway lines, OMAC Italy’s overhead catenary hanging and tensioning machines play a key role in ensuring that work is carried out precisely and efficiently.

OMAC Italy is a renowned supplier of advanced machinery for the construction of catenary systems. Their innovative solutions and high quality make the process of hanging and tensioning overhead lines more effective, reliable and economical.

The OMAC Italy machines have been specifically designed to enable precise suspension and tensioning of traction cables. Using advanced positioning systems, the machines ensure accurate suspension of the wires in a specific position, eliminating the risk of deformations or displacements of the network.

In addition, OMAC Italy machines enable the control and tensioning of traction lines. Thanks to precise tensioning mechanisms, it is possible to achieve optimal traction wire tension, which is crucial for ensuring the stability and reliability of the network.

The construction of catenary wiring using the machines of the Italian manufacturer brings numerous benefits. First of all, it ensures shortening of time and increasing the efficiency of the construction process, thanks to precise and quick hanging and tensioning of catenaries.

In addition, OMAC Italy machines are cost-optimized. Thanks to their innovative solutions, it is possible to reduce the consumption of materials and energy, which translates into financial savings and reduction of environmental impact.

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