Two-way railway vehicle

The Two-way railway vehicle equipped with a platform by OMAC Italy for the assembly and modernization of the railway traction network is an innovative solution that significantly facilitates and improves works related to the maintenance and modernization of railway infrastructure.

Thanks to the advanced assembly platform provided by OMAC Italy, this Two-way railway vehicle is able to carry out a wide range of activities related to the installation and modernization of the railway traction network. This platform enables access to traction at heights, which is extremely important during modernization works, such as replacing traction wires, installing new power supply systems or repairing damaged network elements.

The Two-way railway vehicle has been specially designed to ensure that these tasks are carried out safely and efficiently. It is equipped with special stabilization systems that ensure stability and certainty of movement when working at different heights. In addition, the assembly platform is equipped with mechanisms that enable precise and accurate positioning, which is necessary when installing elements of the railway traction network.

The two-way vehicle with the OMAC Italy platform also has advanced safety features. These include emergency stop systems, visual and audible alarms and signage to ensure the protection of personnel working on the platform and others around the work site. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with special protections that protect against dangerous weather conditions and ensure safe operation even in difficult conditions.

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