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Platform for 2 (two) catenary instalation 22 kN

Technical data

Max pull: 22 kN
Max speed: 5 km/h
Tail-stock reel-stand: 2 x 2000 kg

Product sheet

OMAC Italy platform with two units for catenary instalation with 22kN wires tension is an extremely useful tool that greatly facilitates the process of hanging out the up to 2 catenaries.

Our system on the platform ensures automatic hanging of the catenary with a maximum force of 22 kN, which enables precise setting of the correct tension. This is very important for catenary as incorrect tension can lead to breakdowns or other dangerous situations.

Automatic platform with tensioning/recovering unit for 2 (two) catenary instalation or contact wires simultaneously or independently, not autonomous (no diesel engine installed): external power and electrical sources supplied by the client.

Additional reel stand options

404 Cylindrical Drum Hole Centering Bushings And Spacer Bushing For Customer Specific Diameter specified.
439.1 Rotation of the reel stand: mechanical device for rotating the stand horizontally ±45° with mechanical 3 stops every 15°
439.2 Reel stand rotation: hydraulic device operated by hand pump for rotating the stand (±45°) with mechanical stops at 3 (15° intervals) positions.


069.4 Digital Dashboard 7″DEG 4.0 to set measurement and save all force parameters and download all data via USB port. (Alternative to standard analog instruments).
037.2.20.RT 10 m remote control cable to manage reel stand (in pull and pull mode) and MAST, complete with display.
038 Radio remote control with brake force control, brake operation and emergency button, included 10 meter backup cable.
CAB.TR Control cabin (including control panel) complete with doors, windows, interior lighting, ventilation (dimensions 800 x 800 x 2000 mm).


131.7.TR Telescopic portal mast with rollers for guiding wire or rope during pulling and pulling operations.
Minimum position height: 2400 mm, Maximum position height: 3600 mm
131.1.TR Single swinging MAST (+/- 600 mm from the center of the track).
All closed height from platform base: 2600mm, stroke 2400mm, max open height 5000mm

Other options

052.2 Lighting system adapted to work at night
093.2 Safety barriers around the perimeter of the machine, including an opening entrance.
Painted (in the indicated color) barriers with a height of 1 or 1.1 m.

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Weight 1800 kg
Dimensions 470 × 225 × 120 cm


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