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Hydraulic puller fit to pull one rope in stringing operations of overhead transmission lines. One hydraulic circuit allows to continuously vary the speed in both directions by operating one control device.

• One pair of multi-grooved steel capstans fit for stringing one steel rope.
• Machine control panel equipped with built-in electronic instrument DEG 4.0 featuring a 7’’ large graphic colour display and a USB port.
• Maintenance-free load cell reading system.
• Electronic instrument by-pass.
• Safety negative hydraulic brake.
• Chassis with rigid axle, manual brake and detachable drawbar for towing at low speed in job-site.
• Hydraulic back stabilisers and manual front stabilisers.
• Attachments for anchoring and for lifting.
• Heat exchanger to cool the oil in the hydraulic circuit.
• Reel winder fit for a 1400-mm-dia reel, with automatic rope winder.

Capstans 2 x Ø 325 mm
Capstan grooves 7
Max rope diameter 16 mm
Max joint diameter 45 mm
Dimensions LxWxH 2,15×1,60×1,55 m
Weight (without rope) 1700 kg
Feeding diesel
Power 35 hp / 26 kW
Cooling water
Electric plant 12 V
Max pull 35 kN
Speed at max pull 1,2 km/h
Max speed 4 km/h
Pull at max speed 13 kN

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007 Chassis with damped axle, overrun brake and drawbar for
towing on road (homologation excluded).
037 Remote control by cable, with 10 m of cable.
038 Radio-control (max distance 100 m).
045.3 Manual clamp for rope.
047 Hydraulic front stabilisers.
067 Telescopic rod to lay underground cables (mod. F277).
069.5 Printer with accessories, complete with case.
083.1 Rope transmission pulley, 360° revolving, fit for pulling
underground cables, predisposed to receive the telescopic
bar mod. F 276 and F277.

Hydrauliske vinsjer
Vinsjer for hver applikasjon
Kabelinnføring, rørrenovering
Stille, mobile og teknologisk avanserte vinsjer drevet av dieselmotor. Utstyrt med en arbeidsopptaker, berøringspanel med GPS, Wi-Fi og USB, 60 års Omac erfaring
tau vinsj , kabel vinsj , Hydraulisk vinsj , mobil vinsj

Hydrauliska vinschar
Vinschar för varje applikation
Kabelindragning, rörrenovering
Tysta, mobila och tekniskt avancerade vinschar som är dieselmotordrivna. Utrustad med en arbetsregistrerare pekskärm med GPS, Wi-Fi och USB, 60 års Omac-erfarenhet
Repvinsch , Kabelvinsch, Hydraulisk vinsch, Mobil vinsch


Hydrauliset vinssit
Vinssit jokaiseen käyttötarkoitukseen
Kaapelien veto, putkien korjaus
Käyntiääneltään hiljaiset, siirrettävät ja teknisesti pitkällekehitetyt vinssit, jotka toimivat dieselmoottorilla. Varustettu työarvojen tallennuksella, ohjauspaneelissa kosketusnäyttö, jossa GPS, Wi-Fi ja USB. 60 vuotta Omac-kokemusta
vaijerivinssi , kaapelivinssi , hydraulinen vinssi , siirrettävä vinssi

Additional information

Weight2,000 kg
Dimensions500 × 140 × 140 cm