Glass Fibers

Fiberglass cable puller.

The remote control for pulling cables is available in various strength versions and sizes, and e.g. diameters 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 11mm, 15mm.

The fiber, sometimes called “cable pulling steel” or a probe, is made of a core and reinforcing layers.

We have fibers with one or 2 braids that strengthen the fiber for bending. The outer layer is made of plastic, which gives abrasion resistance.


Fibreglasses OMAC Italy 

Fibreglasses snakes for underground ducts.

Fiber for use in both telecommunications and energy.

For pulling cables in PE pipes and as a pilot for pulling the rope.

Glass fibers cut to size at the customer’s request and finished with threaded sleeves.

Sold with or without stands, each section fitted with a guide head and shackle.

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