A set of filters for the Rotair compressor

Filters for the Rotair compressor we offer is a guarantee of the quality, efficiency and durability of your compressor. With proper air and oil filtration, you will minimize the risk of failure and your compressor will run at full capacity, providing you with a reliable source of compressed air.

Choose original Rotair filters and enjoy the effective operation of your compressor for many years.

A set of filters for the Rotair compressor

Air filtration is a key aspect of maintaining optimum compressor performance and durability. Our set of genuine filters has been carefully designed and composed to maintain the best performance of your Rotair screw compressor.

What is included in the filter set for the Rotair compressor?

  1. Combustion engine air filter;
  2. Engine oil filter;
  3. Fuel filters;
  4. Screw compressor air filter;
  5. Compressor oil filter.

Why choose original Rotair filters?

1. Quality Assurance: Genuine Rotair filters are designed to meet the highest quality standards. By using original filters, you can be sure that they are designed specifically for your compressor and meet all manufacturer’s requirements.

2. Optimum performance: By using genuine filters, your Rotair compressor will run at optimum efficiency, ensuring reliable and efficient operation for a long time.

3. Longer life: Proper air and oil filtration minimizes wear on the compressor’s internal components, resulting in longer compressor life and less need for repairs and downtime.

4. Compliance with the warranty: The use of genuine Rotair filters is in accordance with the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. You protect your investment and you are assured of the manufacturer’s support in case of any problems.

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