Filters for compressors and winches

Our company offers filters for compressors and winches for various types of devices, including compressors, drawers, branches and other machines.

Comprehensive range of filters for machines

Our offer includes air filters, fuel filters and oil filters that are intended for various brands and device models. Among others, oil filters for the OMAC winch oils, Rotair screw compressors and devices with Kohler, Lombardini, Perkins and Kubota engines.

We also offer oil filters for the machines we sell – filters are of high quality to our OEM devices, which ensures longer devices’ life, higher efficiency and energy saving as the machines are builder to.

High quality and original materials

Filters for compressors and winches are made of durable materials, and their selection is adapted to the specifications of the devices, which allows you to get the best results in the work of machines.

Thanks to our filters, customers can enjoy the high quality of their devices and their long term use.

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