Hydraulic Tensioner 30 kN OMAC Italy F120.30

82 585,69$ 82 585,69$

Hydraulic Tensioner 30 kN F120.30

Winches: 2 x Ø 1500 mm
Maximum cable diameter: 1 x 36 mm
Dimensions (AxBxC): 3.95 x 2.00 x 2.40 m
Weight: 2500 kg

Tensioner mode:

Max. tension force: 30 kN
Min. tension force: 2 kN
max. speed: 5 km/h

Pulling mode:

Max. pulling force: 30 kN
Min. pulling force: 1.5 kN
Max. speed: 0,8 km/h

Possibility of connecting a hydraulic stand with a drive for synchronous operation.
Possibility of using the machine as a cable recovery winch.

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Hydraulic Tensioner 30 kN OMAC Italy

Hydraulic puller – Tensioner model F120.30 from the Italian company OMAC Italy for overhead lines is characterized above all by a pair of steel capstans, multi-grooved lined with a special anti-slip material.

Hydraulic Tensioner adapted to tension one wire or fiber optic cable. One hydraulic circuit allows tensioning with a constant force even by changing the tensioning speed.

Standard equipment consists of:

  • Low-force (1.5-20 kN) strain control device, specially adapted for fiber optics
  • Unattended load cell reading system
  • The control panel is equipped with a large, color graphic display and a USB port.

    The main functions of the port include, above all: displaying the tension force, speed and cable length in real time, maximum pulling force settings, working time display, recording and storing data on a USB memory stick.

  • Electronic instrument bypass
  • Loose disengagement (neutral) of capstans
  • Self-healing device for sagging surgery
  • Safe hydraulic brake
  • Back mounted cord guide with nylon rollers
  • Chassis with rigid axle, handbrake and detachable drawbar for slow towing on construction sites
  • Mechanical front plow and rear stabilizers
  • Anchoring and lifting accessories
  • Heat exchanger for cooling oil in the hydraulic circuit
  • One auxiliary hydraulic circuit to control 1 or 2 reel stands
  • Earth connection point.

Optional equipment:

008   – Suspension axle, air brake, drawbar and lighting for towing on the road (homologation excluded).
026   – PVC protective tarpaulin.
037   – Remote control on a 10 m cable.
038   – Radio control (max. distance 50 m).
045.2 – Automatic clamps for 2 conductors.
045.3 – Manual clamp for 2 wires.
069.5 – Electronic recorder printer with accessories.

Other cable winches and tensioners for overhead lines are available in our online shop.

Weight 2500 kg
Dimensions 395 × 200 × 240 cm


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