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Universal winch TEPA-MEC – TEPA500 full set

2 511,29$ 2 511,29$

Universal winch – TEPA-MEC – TEPA500 full set

Pulling force max. 500 kg.
Lifting force with rope drum max. 280kg.
Pulling speed 3-10m/min depending on the load and the working machine.
Recommended Pulling Machine: Standard 620W, 35Nm, 550rpm Power Drill. Use a model with overload protection for lifting operations. (The operating machine is not included in the standard delivery)
The gear is self-locking up to a maximum of 300 kg of pulling force.

The drill is not included.

Universal winch TEPA-MEC – TEPA500 full set

TEPA500 universal winch from Tepa-Mec, a wide range of applications in a very simple way. Driven by a drill .

This set is intended primarily especially for long periods of work when pulling and lifting and influencing cable, optical fibers and fiber.

The winch set includes:

  1. Basic base – TEPA 500
  2. Drive roller – TEPA 515
  3. Pressure roller dia. area 25mm – TEPA 515A
  4. Pressure roller dia. Down. 25mm – TEPA 515B
  5. Steel roller for pulling the line – TEPA 516

The winch can be easily attached to e.g. a cable ladder, construction stand or cable hatch.

The TEPA 500 universal winch is used in the configuration. In a few minutes you can change the effects from pulling to pushing.

Additional options:

  • spool with steel rope for hauling
  • A device for pushing a portable device or cable below 40mm in diameter

Operating machine is also possible for installation in a horizontal plane, which allows you to work in a very narrow space.

Our other winches are available in our Online-shop.

Working on pulling the cable 185 mm 2 – Video

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 52 × 27 × 30 cm


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