Hydraulic Tensioner 100 kN OMAC Italy T100.2

207 851,28$ 207 851,28$

Capstan tensioner with retraction option T100.2

Hydraulic tensioner designed to tension one or two optical fiber wires or cables.
One hydraulic circuit allows tensioning with a constant force even when the tensioning speed changes

Winches: 4 x Ø 1500 mm
Maximum cable diameter: 2 x Ø 42 mm

Tensioner mode:

tension force: 1 x 100 kN
Min. tension force: 4 kN
speed: 5 km/h

Puller mode:

speed: 1.1 km/h

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Hydraulic Tensioner up to 10 tons OMAC Italy T100.2

The OMAC Italy is a hydraulic machine designed primarily for both as a winch and a tensioner.

Suitable for tensioning one or two ropes or wires. One hydraulic circuit allows, above all, to brake with a constant force, even with changes in speed. In winch mode, one hydraulic circuit primarily allows for a continuous change of speed in both directions.

Tension control device with low force (4-30 kN), suitable for OPGW.

In the standard version, the machine is equipped with:

  • Steel winches lined with multi-dimensional grooves
  • Built-in system – DEG 4.0 – 7” – large graphic display and USB port
  • Omac Link system (excluding options 107 and 107.1)
  • Maintenance free strain gauge force measurement
  • Electronic control switch
  • Metal soundproof cover
  • Radio control
  • Automatic 2 rope clamp
  • Self-recovery device for deflection operations
  • Hydraulic safety brake
  • • Two rear nylon guide rollers
  • Chassis with rigid axle, handbrake and detachable drawbar for low speed towing
  • Support front plow and rear stabilizers
  • Lifting and lashing points
  • Oil cooling system
  • Two auxiliary hydraulic circuits for independent control of 1 or 2 reel stands
  • A device for connecting two pairs of capstans
  • Earth connection point


069.5 Printer with accessories complete with cable remote control (20 m)
028.7 Device for starting the engine at low temperatures (down to -30 ° C)
119 Winches with chemically treated steel grooves
174.2 Synchronizing device for connecting 2 machines, complete with cable remote control (20 m)
008 Suspended axle, pneumatic brake system, drawbar and lights
012 Hydraulic circuit for high-pressure joint press (max. 700 bar)
014 Reel winder arm for 1600 mm diameter spool
006.4 Chassis system for towing on the road (non-homologated)
175.1 Kit for 3 wires up to a diameter of 34 mm

Other hydraulic winches and tensioners can be seen in our online shop.

Weight 5500 kg
Dimensions 450 × 225 × 280 cm


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