Fiber or cable pushing device – TEPA-MEC

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Cable or fiber pusher – TEPA-MEC

The push force is approximately 300 kg, depending from the used machine (drill).
Pushing speed 3-35m/min depending on the cable and the working machine (drill).
Cable diameter 5-40mm
Drill not included.

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Fiber or cable pushing device – TEPA-MEC

The Fiber or cable pushing device is a rubber roller dacting as a TEPA515 cable dog attached to the base of the TEPA500 winch. For full functionality, a roller is required as a clamp for the fiber or cable, described below.

TEPA515 cable dog or fiber glass pusher from Tepa-Mec, we use to assist the winch when pulling the rope when the pulling force is not enough.

Kit includes:

  • TEPA 500 – Base
  • TEPA 515 – cable pusher
  • TEPA 515B – Rubber pressure roller for fibers below fi 40 mm
  • TEPA 515C – Fiber guides

In order to properly configure the device, you need to equip it with additional elements depending on the diameter of the cable:

  1. Pushing device equipped with metal pressure rollers TEPA515A – when pushing cables or fiber glass with a diameter of more than 40 mm.
  2. Pushing device equipped with rubber pressure roller  TEPA515B – when pressing cables or fiber glass with a diameter of less than 40 mm.

Easy change of pressure rollers – just loosen or tighten the wing nuts supplied.

But when pushing the hose with fiberglass by means of a rubber pressure roller, a pair of cable guides is mounted to the winch frame. Fiberglass hose guided through these guides.

Easy attachment of winch and stand fiberglass hose to the surgical stand without tools.

Other winches available in our Online-Shop.

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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