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Overhead Line Winch – C-680 -CBS

12 510,06$ 12 510,06$

Overhead Line Winch – C-680 -CBS

Output Torque : 540 Nm

Engine : 11 hp Petrol

Dimensions : 215 / 115 / 80  cm

Weight : 250 kg

Overhead Line Winch – C-680 -CBS

The CBS  Winch has been designed to provide a compact, transportable unit for stringing work.

The self-contained winch is powered by an 11hp petrol engine and the precise control required is provided by the hydraulic circuit.

There are drums for various applications and these are easily interchanged.

Designed to tow behind even small vehicles, the winch is lightweight and can be easily positioned by one man.

Operational stability is provided by ground anchors on the towbar, or by employing the towing vehicle as an anchor.

It’s very  Universal Winch designed to meet the needs of overhead line engineers.

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Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 215 × 1150 × 80 cm

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