kabelwagen, wózek kablowy; reel-winder trolley, Kabelwagen

Reel-winder trolley – F106.110 – max 150 daN


Reel-winder trolley – F106.110

Max pull :  150 daN

Reel : max 1100 mm

Capacity : 1200 kg

Rope : 10 – 13-16 mm

Dimensions : 170  x 125 x 100 cm

Weight : 450 kg



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Reel-winder trolley – F106.110 – max 150 daN

Reel-winder trolley  OMAC Italy fit for reel transport and wire recovering/releasing.

Designed to be used with pullers, puller-tensioners or hydraulic power units, from which it receives the transmission needed to move the reel.

It can even be fitted with own motorization.

Bi-directional hydraulic motor, controlled directly by the machine panel through flexible hoses, fit for moving the reel by means of a reduction unit.

Neutral device to unwind the rope easily.

Reel lifting arm hydraulic operated by manual pump.

Automatic rope-winder complete with rope-driver rollers, fit for winding three different diameters of rope on the reel.

The rope-winder may also be operated manually.

Frame with three tires, one of them steering with drawbar, fit for towing in the job-site.

Mechanical stabilisers and anchoring and lifting points.

Devices for locking the reel rotation mechanically.


416 – Negative safety brake that self-operates in case of pressure drop in the hydraulic circuit feeding

417 – Installation of a diesel engine that operates a hydraulic power unit, fit to make the reel-winder autonomous

438.2 – Device that allows to lift the reel by using the reel-rotation circuit

078.1 – Set of flexible hoses for feeding the drive unit (lengths available: 5, 10, 15 m)

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Weight450 kg
Dimensions170 × 125 × 100 cm