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Portable compressor Rotair VRK Fibra – 15 bar 1000L

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Series of VRK diesel compressors awarded in the “Laur Eksperta” competition as innovative product of 2022

laur expert 2022

Air compressor for fiber optics – VRK Fibra

Compressed air quality : Ambient temperature +20°C / +36°F
working pressure : 15 bar – 218 psi
Free air supply: 1000L/min
Engine : Honda GX690 Stage V
engine power:  16.5 kW – 22.5 HP
Minimum working pressure: 5.5 bar – 80 psi
Compressor cooling system : integrated cooling system

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Air compressor for fiber optics – VRK Fibra 15 bar 1000L /min

The air compressor for fiber optics Rotair VRK Fibra plus is an extremely practical tool, ideal for people who need a compact and efficient device.

The VRK series is a reliable, fully automated device that ensures the highest stability of parameters and continuity of operation for dozens of hours of uninterrupted operation.

A series of innovative air compressors awarded “Laur Eksperta 2022”.

The “Laur Eksperta” certificate is one of the most important nationwide competitions and consumer advisory programs. Its aim is to distinguish the best products, brands and services available on the Polish market.

The VRK screw compressor is a guarantee of high quality and reliability of parameters, which is appreciated by both professionals and amateurs.

Innovative air compressor with integrated cooling and drying system

Looking for the best air compressor for blowing fiber optics?
Here is a proposal from Rotair – a screw air compressor VRK Fibra enclosed in a housing with an exhaust air temperature of +20°C ambient.

This innovative air compressor has an integrated cooling and drying system.

Safe to use compressor part with maximum efficiency will ensure you a long life of the device with a compact size of the compressor.

Standard equipment of the air compressor:

  • Electric starter
  • Sound compressor housing
  • Compressor pneumatic control
  • Integrated hour meter and pressure gauge make it easy to control the operation of the device
  • Thermostat with high temperature safety switch
  • The muffler is located under the housing, which reduces noise and reduces the risk of accidents during use
  • Single stage oversized compressor air filter that provides excellent filtering of incoming air
  • Built-in separator tank with dual internal separator filter and external spin-on filter for quick maintenance
  • Compressor oil filter and engine oil filter remain separate
  • All moving parts of the compressor are not accessible to the strictest safety standards
  • Lifting handle for easy transport and loading
  • The oversized trapezoidal belt drive of the mobile compressor with high efficiency and easy power supply ensures the gearing with minimal maintenance


24 months for the combustion engine (max. 500 mth)
24 months for a set of screws, extendable to 5 years
12 months for engine equipment

A well-thought-out compressor design that is easy to use and always ready to go

Specially designed compressor construction, which facilitates maintenance work, and provides easy access to all filters, making maintenance quick and intuitive.

Rotair’s efficient pneumatic compressor control system allows the engine speed to be automatically adjusted according to the volume of incoming air, which ensures not only efficiency but also low fuel consumption.

More diesel compressor models can be found in our Online Shop.

Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 119 × 77 × 100 cm


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