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Cable pusher – F224.08 OMAC Italy

10 882,64$ 10 882,64$

Cable pusher – F224.08

Pushing force: 0 – 8 kN
Pushing speed: 0 – 20 m/min
Cable diameter (min – max): 40 – 135 mm

Feeding. gasoline
Power: 5,88 kW / 8 HP

Cable pusher F224.08

Cable-pusher machine powered by hydraulic unit. Fit for laying underground cables in long conducts and in harsh conditions. When working in combination with a puller, it reduces the stress on the cable. Longer distances can be covered by using more than one cable-pusher machines.

This compact machine can be placed in small rooms and can be remote-controlled (up to 15 m) thanks to the separated power unit connected by hoses.

Cable dogs are used to lay cables in the ground in order to reduce the cable pulling force.

Designed to facilitate the laying of underground cables in long passages and in difficult conditions (i.e. intricate sections and large bends).

Hydraulic powered equipment.

Cable pusher made of galvanized steel resistant to rust and scratches.

Guides with manually adjustable upper rollers and a shock-absorbing spring pressing the cable against the guide ensure more efficient work.

Two-way drive for roller control.

The drive is equipped with quick couplings for connecting the aggregate with flexible hoses.

When working with the winch, the cable pusher avoids strain and dragging of the cable.

The machine is small in size, so it fits in small spaces.

Remotely controlled with a cable remote control.


090 – Generator equipped with a 220 V single-phase electric motor.
090.1 Generator equipped with a 380 V three-phase electric motor.
028.3 Generator with air-cooled diesel engine.
418 – Pusher equipped with wheels for easy movement.
078.1 Flexible hoses, 10 m long.
RCI–1 A hydraulic device that controls the pressure of the upper rollers on the cable, powered by the generator.
CAV-1 Adaptation of the machine to push cables with a diameter of up to Ø150 mm.
POT-1 Increasing the pressing / pulling force to 12 kN, speed 0 – 17 m/min.

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Weight 220 kg
Dimensions 130 × 50 × 80 cm


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