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Portable air compressor 10 bar 2.2 m3 Rotair MDVN 32B

14 385,69$ 14 385,69$

MDVN 32B mobile screw compressor

The MDVN 32B mobile screw compressor was awarded the SaMoTer
Innovation Award” for operational flexibility and the ability
to solve real problems on the construction site.

Air flow: 2200 l/min | 78 cfm
Working pressure: 10 bar | 145 psi
Compressed air quality: 1-3 PPM

Engine: Briggs & Stratton
Emission Standard: 40 KM Vanguard BIG BLOCK™ V-Twin EFI/ETC
Fuel tank capacity: 60l
Cooling: air

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Portable air compressor MDVN 32B – 10 bar 2200l/min

The new ROTAIR petrol compressor is a portable air compressor with a 40 hp petrol engine capable of delivering 2,200 liters/min at constant pressure of 7 bar, within the Stage V standard. On the other hand, the performance is equal to, if not better than, EURO 5 diesel engines, with significant savings in the purchase price of the product.

This mobile air compressors was awarded by SaMoTer with the “Innovation Award” for operational flexibility, sustainable electrification and the ability to solve real problems on the construction site.

Competing portable compressors in the 3m3 capacity segment, these are actually downsized 5m3 compressors that are much bigger and heavier than the Rotair solution! This allows the engine to be properly matched to the real needs of the powered equipment, instead of paying extra for a reduced internal combustion engine.

With a gasoline engine, the unit may fall far short of most regional/local emission regulations that focus on diesel.

Standard equipment of the MDVN 32B screw compressor:

  • Spin-on filters for quick maintenance.
  • Full availability for easy and quick maintenance and service.
  • The exclusive pneumatic control system developed by ROTAIR automatically adjusts the engine speed depending on the air to be supplied. It is a highly reliable system and ensures lower fuel consumption.
  • Start/stop “INTELLIGENT SYSTEM”, available exclusively from ROTAIR, to prevent the risk of incorrect procedures during certain operations.
  • Air/oil separator filter, highly oversized, can guarantee excellent air/oil separation.
  • Compressor air and oil filters and engine air and oil filters are independent.
  • Single stage oversized air filter for compressor part to ensure good filtering of the air intake through the stage.
  • Combined cooler for both compressor oil cooling and smooth engine cooling.
  • Operating costs lower than diesel engine for the same efficiency.
  • Chassis is 130% sealed.


24 months for the combustion engine (max. 1,500 mth)
24 months for the screw set – extendable to 5 years
12 months for accessories

Optional air compressor equipment:

  1. Compressed air cooler with cyclonic water separator with automatic discharge.
  2. Power generator.
  3. Adapter for stationary version – SKID version.
  4. Any chassis trailer configuration.

Optional compressor capacity versions:

7 bar – 3200 l/min
12 bar – 1900 l/min
14 bar – 1700 l/min

More combustion compressors can be found at our online store.

Weight 545 kg
Dimensions 270 × 136 × 128 cm


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