Soil displacement hammer TERMA MAX K55S – diameter 55mm

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Includes the basic set

Pneumatic mole TERMA Max K55S

Diameter: 55mm
Length: 1180mm
Weight: 15kg
Air demand: from 0.7 m3/min
(recommended compressor with a capacity of 1.1 m3/min)
Working pressure: 7 atm
Impact energy 40 J
Shock frequency 8 Hz

Soil displacement hammer TERMA MAX K55S – diameter 55mm

The MAX K55S jacking mole from Terma Max is currently our smallest and at the same time the lightest jacking machine on offer.

Like other devices offered by us, it is primarily equipped with a pneumatic system for changing the direction of operation FORWARD/BACK. Thanks to this override system, it is possible to retract the machine in all ground conditions.

In the case of moles with small diameters, this is of particular importance, because when working with such a machine, the soil often falls off after the mole has passed, which, in turn, in the case of manual override, could make it impossible to withdraw the mole.

Pneumatic control allows for trouble-free retraction of the mole in any situation and in all ground conditions.

The machine is ideal for making holes for pipe installations with diameters of Ø32 mm and Ø40 mm, used for fiber optic trunk lines.


  • Easy operation and changing the direction of the machine’s operation through a pneumatic valve located in the oiler
  • Very high accuracy of jacking
  • High impact energy and consequently high speed of work
  • Protected control hose inside the supply hose, durability and reliability of the machine


  • Execution of a jacking with a diameter of 55 mm
  • Manual pulling of pipes with a diameter of 25-40 mm using a cutting tip

Warranty24 months. However, during the warranty period, the cost of delivering the machine to the service (via a courier company indicated by the manufacturer) is covered by the manufacturer.

The jacking mole set includes:

  • jacking device,
  • a 20 m long supply and control hose,
  • oiler with control valves
  • LOCTITE 55 sealing thread

Other moles available from us in Online shop.

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 120 × 80 × 30 cm


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