Pneumatic mole Terma Max K75S – diameter 75mm

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Includes the basic set

Soil displacement hammer Terma Max K75S

Diameter: 75mm
Length: 1501mm
Weight: 33kg

Air requirement: from 1.1 m3/min (1.8 m3/min compressor recommended)
Working pressure: 7 atm
Impact energy 150J
Operating frequency 6Hz

Pneumatic mole Terma Max K75S – diameter 75mm

The MAX K75S jacking machine Terma is a button machine designed for independent jacking and jacking with simultaneous pulling of pipes with diameters up to 75 mm.

First of all, for the implementation of connections to individual buildings and in works related to electrical and telecommunications networks.

Like its “big brother” (MAX K130S), it was modernized throughout the production period in order to eliminate existing shortcomings.

Handiness, easy operation and relatively low price mean that every installation company strives to have such a machine in its equipment.

You can find out more on our blog on how to choose the right jacking machine for your compressor.

Advantages are above all:

– easy operation and change of the direction of the machine operation through a pneumatic valve located in the oiler / control station

– very high accuracy of jacking

– high impact energy and consequently high speed of work

– protected control hose inside the supply hose, durability and reliability of the machine


  • Performing independent jacking with a diameter of 75 mm,
  • Lifting PE, PVC pipes with a diameter of 63 mm and 75 mm during jacking,
  • Pugging PE, PVC pipes using a cutting tip with a diameter of 25 mm – 55 mm


24 months.

In contrast, during the warranty period, the cost of delivering the machine to the service (via a courier company indicated by the manufacturer) is covered by the manufacturer.

The basic set includes:

  • jacking machine (1) ,
  • supply and control hose, 20 m long (2),
  • control station (3),
  • hook key (4),
  • a spanner (5),
  • EkoMAX oil 5l (6),
  • LOCTITE 55 thread (7),
  • KorMAX oil 1L

Other moles are available in our online shop.

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 120 × 80 × 50 cm


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