Reel stand F155.200

17 834,47$ 17 834,47$

F155.200 reel stand

Reel diameter min – max: 2.00–4.00 m – on request, we can provide stands adapted to spools with a larger diameter

Max spool width: 3.00 m

Shaft diameter: 95 mm

Dimensions of each reel stand (A x E): 3.10 x 0.60 m

Weight of a pair of reel stands:  1250 kg – weight of a pair of standard stands without optional equipment

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Reel stand F155.200

Reel stand OMAC Italy designed primarily for steel or wooden spools.

For lifting and braking the spool when tensioning the cables.

Optionally, it also offers the option of hydraulically driving the spool, primarily using the power supplied by the hydraulic aggregate.

No.1 self-locking disc brake.

Supports to be raised or lowered independently by means of a manual hydraulic pump.

Mechanical safety locks installed on the drawbar.

Side supports with ball joints.

Shaft supplied with a set of accessories.

Conical sleeves for wooden reels (diameter on request).

Welded and painted steel frame with attachments to anchor the machine.

Metal box for accessories.

Other versions of trailers are available in our online store.

Weight 1300 kg
Dimensions 340 × 140 × 100 cm

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