Hydraulic cable reel stand

The OMAC Italy Hydraulic cable reel stand is an innovative tool that greatly facilitates the work of handling and braking cables and wires. Equipped with an advanced hydraulic propulsion system, the OMAC Italy motorized rack provides greater efficiency, effectiveness and safety in a variety of industries such as electric power, telecommunications, construction and industry.

OMAC Italy Hydraulic cable reel stand feature a solid construction, made of heavy-duty materials that guarantee long-term durability and reliability. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, the OMAC Italy stand can be controlled manually or using special remote controls, which allows for precise and controlled operations.

The OMAC Italy motorized cable stand offers many advantages in the handling of heavy objects. First of all, it enables easy and safe lifting, carrying and lowering of cable reels or drums, eliminating the need for manual effort and minimizing the risk of injury. In addition, the stand can be equipped with special locking mechanisms that prevent accidental falling or displacement of the carried items.

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