Stand for cable reel

The OMAC Italy stand for cable reel is a reliable and practical tool that is essential in the electricity, telecommunications and other fields where the storage and transport of cable reels is common. This high-quality stand is designed to provide stability, safety and comfort when working with cable drums.

OMAC Italy stands are characterized by a solid construction, made of durable materials that ensure its durability even in difficult conditions. A stable base and properly profiled handles guarantee a secure placement of the drum on the stand and minimize the risk of moving or tipping over during manipulation.

The OMAC Italy stand for cable reel is equipped with various features that make your work easier. The stand’s adjustable arms allow it to accommodate different sizes of cable drums, giving you greater flexibility and the ability to handle a variety of cable types. In addition, the stand can be equipped with a brake that allows controlled release of the drum and prevents its uncontrolled unwinding.

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