Reel-Stand – F155.150 – OMAC

18 840,74$ 18 840,74$

Reel-stand –  F155.150 OMAC

Reel diameter min-max : 2 m – 4 m

Reel max width : 3 m

Spindle diameter : 95 mm

Dimensions of each reel-stand : 3,10 m x 0,60 m

Weight of the pair of reel-stands :  1100 kg



Reel-Stand – F155.150 –  OMAC

Stand fits for steel or wooden reels, used for lifting a reel and braking it while stringing the conductor/cable.

The reel-stand, as an option, can be hydraulically driven by a hydraulic power unit.

Reel-stands Omac company are supplied in pairs.

One self-braking disk brake.

Each stand can be raised or lowered independently by a hydraulic hand pump.

Mechanical safe-stops mounted on the jack arm.

Side supports with ball joints.

Spindle complete with accessories.

Conical bushes for wooden reels (diameter on demand).

Welded and painted steel framework with attachments for anchoring.

Metallic tool box for the accessories.


Hydraulic drive to control the reel rotation, either recovering or releasing the conductor/cable

(to be fed by hydraulic power unit).

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Weight 1200 kg
Dimensions 320 × 140 × 100 cm

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