Cable pulling grip

Cable pulling grip is an essential element in the electrical and telecommunications industries. It is used to pull out cables and wires in hard-to-reach places where standard methods of cable management are insufficient.

Our cable pulling grips are also equipped with special handles and locks that make it easier to attach them to cables and wires.

Our accessories are made by OMAC Italy – High quality, Italian products.

The properties of Cable pulling grip, such as resistance to mechanical damage and a solid grip, make them irreplaceable during the construction and maintenance of cable networks. Their flexibility allows you to run cables even in the most difficult places, and at the same time protects them from damage and extends their life.

Cable pulling grips are available in various sizes and types, which allows them to be adapted to cables of various diameters. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, for example when laying cables underground or in hard-to-reach spaces.

If it is necessary to pull out cables or wires, our pulling grips are irreplaceable. Thanks to them, you can avoid the need to forge walls or perform other drastic actions, which saves time and money. Cable sheaths are also a safety feature as they prevent accidental damage to cables and wires when pulling them in or out.

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