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Cable Pulling stocking Ø 6-9 mm / C082.02

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Cable Pulling Grips C082.02

In AP Energy®, the strength and length of the cable holders are adjusted according to the types of cables to be pulled.

Cable diameter min – max: 6-9  mm
Standard sheet length – 292 mm
Mesh length – 196 mm
Breaking load – 981 daN

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Cable Pulling stocking Ø 6-9 mm / C082.02

Cable Pulling stocking for Underground Installation

It is used primarily for the installation of electric and telecommunications cables.

Characteristics of cable pulling Grips / stockings

  1. Made of flexible and wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant tight mesh
  2. Easy installation of the cable, which can be repeatedly inserted and pulled out into the cable sheath
  3. In the sheath, cables easily pass through bends and are well protected.
  4. The cable mesh holder is a high-friction self-clamping mesh structure, just squeeze in the opposite direction to mount and remove the cable.
  5. Pressed on the Swedish ALURIT hydraulic press for pressing at the connection point of the cable nets, they give a smooth appearance and high tensile strength.
  6. Made of hot-dip galvanized high strength 304, 316 or 316L steel rope.
  7. Made of multi-wire braid

Onstantly growing in usage within the realm of communication lines, fiber optic cables necessitate the utilization of specialized pulling aids to prevent any potential damage to the delicate lines during the installation process.

AP Energy® produces cable grips specifically designed for fiber optics, utilizing highly flexible individual strands. The multiple gradations within the braid ensure a uniform and gentle distribution of force along the entire effective length of the cable sheath.

In the case of exceptionally delicate fiber optic cables, we offer a distinct variation that incorporates a metallic, central tension element and specialized tension heads. This configuration allows for the majority of the pulling force to be concentrated centrally, thus alleviating strain on the sensitive cable.  Look Model C101.06 in our shop.

Other sheets and connectors are available in our online shop.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 20 cm


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