Cable Trailer 1500 kg with drum lifting F10.15.1

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Single-axle cable trailer F10.15.1

GVM: 1500 kg
Max. drum weight: 1020 kg
Max. drum diameter: 2700 mm
Max. drum width: 1650 mm
Suspension: Two centrally suspended axles AL-KO or Knott
Wheels: 4 x 175R 14C
Brakes: AL-KO or KNOTT
Hook height for ball hook – 450 – 500 mm from the ground

Single-axle cable trailer F10.15.1 – 1500 kg

Cable trailer with a GVW of 1,500 kg with a rigid drawbar for lifting cable reels/drums. The trailer is made of galvanized steel. We mainly use components from proven companies: KNOTT or AL-KO. Designed to transport reels of cables or wires, adapted for a drum with a diameter of 180 cm and a width of 120 cm.

It is worth emphasizing that our cable trailers are checked and certified in accordance with relevant safety standards. Compliance with these standards is key to ensuring safe transport of reels, and certificates confirming compliance of cable trailers with the standards provide additional confirmation of their reliability.

Standard equipment:

  • 1 braked axle, Neidhartd type, based on torsion shafts from the German company KNOTT, with a load capacity of 1350 kg
  • Tubeless wheels, size 175R14C
  • KNOTT overrun device with ball hitch
  • Two stabilizing supports at the rear of the trailer with an angle gear, with a load capacity of 700 kg – each.
  • Parking handbrake
  • Spare wheel holder
  • Frame structure made of closed steel profiles, welded and hot-dip galvanized
  • 2 stabilizing supports with crank gear at the rear
  • Drum stand pulled on a DRAGON rope winch
  • Hot galvanized stand with front security locks
  • Gas spring shock absorbing at the stand
  • 300kg maneuvering wheel at the front
  • LED road and side marker lights.
  • Wheel chocks 2 pcs
  • The rear beam with lamps is raised or removed for loading
  • Metal wheel arches with mudguards
  • All tube connections soldered

Optional trailer equipment:

  • KNOTT or AL-KO adjustable drawbar
  • DIN eyelet connector
  • Spare tire
  • Painting in any color. Specially hardened varnishes.

You can find more proven solutions for the energy industry in our Online Store.

Weight 480 kg
Dimensions 400 × 220 × 150 cm


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