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MDVS125C Rotair diesel compressor – 7 bar – 12000 L

MDVS125C Rotair diesel compressor


Free air flow – 1200 L / min

Working pressure – 7 bar / 102 psi

Engine – Cummins

Engine power  – 97 kW / 130 hp

Dimensions: 400cm x 190cm x 190cm

Weight – 2245 kg with brakes ; 1970 kg without brakes

It has a reliable system that ensures low fuel consumption.

Compact and optimal dimensions.

Lightweight design.

MDVS125C Rotair diesel compressor – 7 bar – 12000 L / min

The diesel compressor from Rotair is a modern, narrow box-type design.

The galvanized housing and chassis are subject to an advanced painting procedure, which provides excellent protection over a long period of use.

It has spin-on filters that facilitate quick maintenance. They are easily accessible, which facilitates quick maintenance and service operations.

The extremely effective pneumatic control system developed by Rotair is used to automatically regulate the engine speed depending on the volume of air supplied. The system of this compressor is reliable and ensures low fuel consumption.

Compact dimensions facilitate handling and ensure optimal dimensions / power factor.

The design of the diesel compressor is very light.

Standard air compressor equipment:

  • Rotair’s “INTELLIGENT SYSTEM” Start/Stop  prevents the risk of incorrect procedures during use.
  • The air/oil separator filter is greatly enlarged, which ensures perfect separation of air and oil.
  • The compressor air and oil filters and the engine air and oil filters operate independently.
  • Single Stage Oversized Compressor Air Filter provides good filtering of incoming air using the Airend powertrain motor.
  • Optional, two-stage engine air filter.
  • Air pre-filter with water separator and further filter for fuel cleaning in dusty environments.
  • Double cooler to cool the compressor oil and cool the engine fluid.


24 months for the combustion engine (max. 1,500 mth)
24 months for a set of screws, extendable to 5 years
12 months for engine equipment

Other compressor models available in our shop.

BASIC VERSION – without compressed air cooler and without brake system.

Delivery of this model outside the European Union only,

EU model MDVS 125 Eco 5

Weight 2245 kg
Dimensions 400 × 190 × 190 cm

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