Cable reel stand with hydraulic drive – F155.070

8 279,35$ 8 279,35$

Cable reel stand with hydraulic drive – F155.070

Model F155.070 + option 408 hydraulic motor

Reel diameter min-max.  0.80m-2.80m

Reel max. width 1.50m

Spindle diameter of 45 mm

Dimensions of each reel-stand (A x E) 2.10 x 0.50 m

Weight of the pair of reel-stands (2) 350 kg

(1) We can supply racks adapted to spools on request
larger diameter
(2) weight of a pair of standard stands without optional equipment

408 Hydraulic drive to control the reel rotation, either recovering or releasing the conductor/cable (to be fed by hydraulic power unit)

Availability: 1 in stock (can be backordered)

Cable reel stand with hydraulic drive – F155.070

Stands fit for steel or wooden reels, used for lifting a reel and braking it while stringing the conductor/cable.

The reel stands, as an option, can be hydraulically driven by a hydraulic power unit.

Hydraulic motor for unwinding and unwinding cable or wire on a steel or wooden drum.

Reel-stands are supplied in pairs.

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Weight 800 kg
Dimensions 220 × 120 × 80 cm

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