Stump grubber

A stump grubber, like a log cutter, works in a similar way – it uses a spinning head that chops the wood into small pieces. Dipperfox offers an innovative solution in the form of a stump grubber that is not only effective, but also extremely easy to use.

The Dipperfox stump grubber has many advantages. First of all, it is an extremely easy-to-use machine, thanks to which people who have not dealt with this type of equipment before can quickly learn how to use it.

Another advantage of the Dipperfox vole is its efficiency. The machine is able to remove stumps from the ground in a very short time, which means that it is much faster to work with than traditional stump removal methods. In addition, the Dipperfox tree stump is able to remove stumps of various sizes and shapes, which makes it a universal tool at work.

The Dipperfox stump grinder is also extremely safe to use. Thanks to the safety system, the machine does not damage the environment and minimizes the risk of accidents.

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