Dipperfox log splitter

Introducing the first adapter that allows you to use the cone splitter with the Dipperfox stump grinder.

The unrivaled Dipperfox log splitter

The log splitter is compatible with all Dipperfox SC400, SC600 and SC850PRO models. Changing the cutting tip to a cone takes about 15 minutes.

The main advantage of this cone splitter over other products on the market is the torque provided by the Dipperfox hydraulic motor (for SC400 – 13,000N; SC600 – 17,000N and SC850Pro – 43,000N).

The device works thanks to the automatic transmission fitted to the hydraulic motor of the Dipperfox stump grinder, which automatically downshifts when grinding or splitting requires more torque. This solution allows for maximum working speed at any time of the device operation, which saves working time and fuel consumption. Shifting is handled by hydraulics, meaning no plugs, corroded pins or electrical faults.

We’ve eliminated the competition’s biggest design flaws

The Dipperfox cone splitter has four parallel lines of thread (so-called ridges) with a massive 30 mm (1.2″) thread pitch, which means that each turn reaches up to 150 mm (5.9″) into the log.

This is more than most other log splitters on the market, which have a thread pitch of 10mm to 15mm, allowing the Dipperfox log splitter to split logs more than twice as fast.

Multitasking – saving time and money

If you’ve considered buying a Dipperfox stump grinder, but you’re not sure you’ll have enough stumps to remove, don’t worry – thanks to Dipperfox’s powerful technology, there will soon be more jobs you can do with the new attachments.

Be faster than your competition!

The log splitter is available for all three Dipperfox models: SC40, SC600 and SC850Pro.

If you want to be more efficient than your competition or want to work faster with less fuel, be sure to check out Dipperfox in our online store.

Offer details are available on request.


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