Dipperfox SC400 stump grinder

13 367,69$ 13 367,69$

Excavator requirements:

size 6-14t;
engine power 35-83 kW;
working pressure 150-250bar;
hydraulic flow 65-150 l/min

Requirements for backhoe loaders:

with a size of 6-14 t;
engine power 50-80 kW;
working pressure 150-250bar;
hydraulic flow 65-150 l/min

Compact loader or track loader requirements:

weighing 2-6 t;
engine power 40-80 kW;
working pressure 150-250bar;
hydraulic flow 65-150 l/min

The Dipperfox SC400 stump grinder

Stump grinder  Dipperfox SC400 is revolutionary product on the market for removing tree trunks that go deep and not every equipment is suitable for this. Designed for use in populated areas (private gardens, parks and urban areas, etc.), where full-time careers are too bulky to use. Making it a great tool for gardeners, arborists and other professionals.

Dipperfox removes 1 trunk in 20 seconds and 180 trunks in 1 hour!

  • Modern and dynamic gearbox
  • Simple PLUG assembly & PLAY
  • Patented innovative technology
  • For use in forest and urban environments
  • 180 trunks in 1 hourthe fastest and the most efficient drill on the market
  • Screw-on blades made of extremely durable steel

Compared to self-propelled stump grinders, it has a number of advantages:

Its hydraulic motor generates a massive 13,000N of torque, giving you enough power to cut at low speeds. This avoids aggressive contact between the blades and stones in the ground.

Compared to high-speed grinders, it doesn’t need a large safety zone because there are no fast-moving blades to scatter debris.

All the dirt will stay next to the drilling position, cleaning will take much less time

Our stump grinder less noise compared to high-speed grinders – perfect for urban environments
Allows you to remove stumps from places with limited access (next to buildings or surrounded by asphalt, stones, etc.)

SC400 can be used with various media such as:

mini excavators (1.5-5t)
All types of chargers
Stand on utility track loaders

For larger investments

We suggest using a larger grubber that will get the job done faster for large quantities.

Learn more about Dipperfox SC600 by clicking link below!

Weight 195 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 80 cm


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