Dipperfox SC850 Pro stump grubber

32 182,94$ 32 182,94$

Requirements for excavators:

Minimum power 74 kW (100 hp)
pressure 180-350 bar
oil flow 110-220 l/min
weight 14 – 30 tons

Dipperfox SC850 Pro stump grubber

Stump Grubber from Dipperfox SC850 Pro to the most effective grubber in the world for excavators from 14 to 30 tons.

This vertical stump grinder is many times faster compared to other stump removal methods currently in use.

Only advantages

A key part of its impressive performance is the patented shift mechanism that converts rotational speed into torque. It depends on the hardness of the trunk. The Dipperfox is also the only attachment in its class with bolt-on consumables such as cutting blades and center bolt.

Dipperfox removes 1 stump in 20 seconds and 180 stumps in 1 hour!

  • Modern and dynamic gearbox
  • Simple PLUG assembly & PLAY
  • Patented innovative technology
  • For use in forest and urban environments
  • 180 trunks in 1 hourthe fastest and the most efficient  the drill on the market
  • Bolt-on blades made of extremely durable steel

Comfort, convenience, safety

The 850 Pro is a tool designed for professional users to remove large amounts of stumps. The speed with which this tool works as well as being more environmentally friendly makes it extremely beneficial for customers compared to digging up stumps.

For smaller investments, we recommend a smaller milling machine Dipperfox SC600, which can also be used with a compact or crawler loader as well as a backhoe loader!

Weight 575 kg
Dimensions 85 × 85 × 112 cm


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