Dipperfox SC600 tree stump grinder

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Excavator requirements:

size 6-14t;
engine power 35-83 kW;
working pressure 150-250bar;
hydraulic flow 65-150 l/min

Requirements for backhoe loaders

with a size of 6-14 t;
engine power 50-80 kW;
working pressure 150-250bar;
hydraulic flow 65-150 l/min

Compact loader or track loader requirements

weighing 2-6 t;
engine power 40-80 kW;
working pressure 150-250bar;
hydraulic flow 65-150 l/min

Dipperfox SC600 tree stump grinder

The Dippperfox stump grinder SC600 is a tool designed for cities, municipalities, arborists and gardens where large excavators are too big and access is limited.

The Estonian company’s SC600 stump grubber is also much faster at removing stumps than other grinders and can drill to a depth of 500mm below ground level. This allows the sample to be planted in the same footprint as the previous tree.


The main advantage of this tool is that it is safer, less noisy and more efficient compared to alternative stump grinders.

This is because the Dipperfox has a low rotational speed with a maximum speed of 60 rpm, which prevents high-speed debris from moving, and if the blade hits any kind of rock, it will push back rather than ricochet.

This allows you to create a much smaller risk zone compared to horizontal high-speed grinders.

Compared to self-propelled stump grinders, it has a number of advantages:

Its hydraulic motor produces a massive 13,000 N of torque, which provides enough power to cut at low speeds. This avoids aggressive contact between the blades and stones in the ground.

Compared to high-speed grinders, it doesn’t need a large safety zone because there are no fast-moving blades to scatter debris.

Satisfaction guarantee!

If the requirements of an excavator or a backhoe loader are too low – we recommend a smaller milling machine that will similarly fulfill the task compared to classic grubbers!

Check out the smaller model SC400 By Clicking Here.

Weight 285 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 90 cm


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