Stump crusher

A stump crusher is a device that is used to crush and process wood residues, including stumps, branches and roots. It is a very useful tool in the woodworking industry and in the horticulture and landscaping industries.

One of the most advanced models of stump crushers on the market is the Dipperfox crusher. Dipperfox is a brand known for innovative solutions in the field of removing tree stumps.
The offered crusher is a device that quickly and effectively crushes the trunks, turning them into small pieces that can be used as fertilizer or a substrate for future plantings.

The Dipperfox stump crusher is easy to operate and can be used with excavators weighing 10-30 tons. The patented gearbox automatically adjusts speed and power based on stem, soil and root resistance for optimum performance.

Dipperfox is also environmentally friendly as it minimizes waste generation and allows wood residues to be reused. In addition, its low noise and exhaust emissions contribute to reducing environmental pollution.

The Dipperfox crusher is an innovative tool that efficiently processes wood residues and can help save time and money in the woodworking, horticulture and landscaping industries.

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    Dipperfox log splitter

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  • Stump grubber

    Dipperfox SC400 stump grinder

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    Dipperfox SC600 tree stump grinder

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    Dipperfox SC850 Pro stump grubber

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