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Efficient Cable Installation with Pulling Grips Directly from Manufacturers

The installation of cables and wires can be a challenging and time-consuming task. For efficient and safe work, specialized tools are essential. Pulling grips, an indispensable tool in this field, make cable installation easier and more reliable. Manufacturer of cable stockings like Thaler, KATIMEX, Bagela, Vetter, runpotec, Omac Italy, and AP Energy offer high-quality pulling grips that ensure precise and dependable cable installation.

Thaler is known for its innovative cable technologies. Their pulling grips are carefully designed and made from high-quality materials, ensuring safety and precision.

KATIMEX excels in delivering high-quality and reliable pulling grips. Their robust and efficient products suit various applications.

Bagela provides dependable solutions for cable professionals. Their pulling grips are solidly constructed and equipped with innovative features that simplify the work.

Vetter has gained customer trust with professional pulling grips. They meet the highest quality standards, enabling precise work even under challenging conditions.

Runpotec specializes in advanced technologies for cable installations. Their pulling grips with loops allow quick and easy attachment to various devices.

Omac Italy – Tradition and Quality

Omac Italy draws from tradition and experience in the cable industry. Their pulling grips offer top-notch quality and reliability, even under extreme conditions.

AP Energy – Innovative Solutions for Energy

AP Energy provides innovative solutions for energy and cable installations. Their pulling grips offer professionals not only reliability but also precision during cable installation.


Pulling grips from Manufacturer of cable stockings Thaler, KATIMEX, Bagela, Vetter, runpotec, Omac Italy, and AP Energy are indispensable tools for professional cable installation. Their high-quality products ensure efficient, safe, and precise work. With these advanced tools, professionals can complete their tasks faster, more efficiently, and securely, ensuring the quality and reliability of cable connections in various applications.

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